WYS is not WYG in Frisco TX Real Estate

by admin on August 13, 2012

Most of you, if you are tech savvy, will know this acrynomn WYSIWYG. If you don’t know, it  is an acronym for What You See IWhat You Get. This is a term commonly used in the computing world especially in the Graphics User Interface.

Human are very visual. Our eyes process tons of data every second. Unfortunately, this cannot be apply in the real estate world especially when it comes to buying from builders here in Frisco TX.

If you are in the market of buying a brand new house, take note of this. Builder show case their best product to consumer. Just like a retailer of clothing, the jazz up the store to make it pretty and inviting. So does a builder, they build their model home with the most expensive upgrades they have. Why?

For one, builder like to show off their best product. They will put in the best into the model home. Crown molding everywhere in the house, highest level of flooring option, best kitchen appliances, best fixtures, best structural upgrade such as patio, bricks, stone, room addition and etc.

Secondly, they want to create the WOW factor showing you what are your possibilities. They want you to see what you can do when you buy their product. This is a great way to help consumer realize what are their needs and wants.

Unfortunately, most buyers who walk into the model house, may or may not realize this. You might think you know that there are lots of upgrades in the model but beware of what you know and what you don’t know. Often times, there might be minute things in the model that is an upgrade option that is not easily noticeable.

So, how should you go about this?

1. For start, hire a good real estate agent. I am not talking about any real estate agent. Hire the one that have tons of experience in new home build. Make sure he/she has the knowledge of the area and the builder. Every builder offers different options. Every builder have different standards with their pricing. A good real estate agent should know what is being offered by what builder. They should know what is standard and is upgrade.

2. If you visit the builder’s model home, pay attention to details. Look around and see what is unusual in the model home. If the builder’s price point starts at $200,000, pay attention to things that aren’t in the $200,000 price range. It’s like you looking at a Honda Civic and seeing a Cadillac options in the car. Nothing wrong with Honda Civic but they are just in two different categories.

3. Ask to point out what is option and what is standard. Some small things like rounded corner, crown moldings in all rooms,  framed mirrors in the bathroom, pendant light fixture or even the different finishes might be extra.

4. Ask to see the model/ floor plan that has the least upgrade. That way you can see what you are really getting and what you might want to upgrade. From there, you can budget and know how much your final price of the home that you really want.

If you are in the market for a new build home, be educated. Ask questions. There is no dumb questions. The only dumb questions are those not asked. Hire an experienced real estate agent who has expertise in the area and know the builders.

We are real estate agents in the city of Frisco TX and the surrounding cities like McKinney, Little Elm, Plano and Prosper. If you are looking at building a new home in these city, contact us. We would love to see how we can help you in the process.

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