Why use a local realtor?

by Loreena Yeo on August 16, 2011

When you are thinking about you real estate need, how to you figure out who to use? There are many Real Estate company in Frisco TX. Some big and some small boutique type. So, how do you decide? Selling or buying, you will need someone who is an expert in the area where you are in or going to be.

Most people would say “Find a local realtor” when you have a real estate need but what is a local realtor? Here is what local means:

1. Being local means the realtor knows the area. Knowing the area means that the realtor know what community are being developed, who are the builders, where are they building, what are the hot areas, what pre-existing homes are available,what amenities the community has?

2. Being local means knowing what is going on in the city. What activities are going on or planned, what city planning is going on, what retailed is being developed or what businesses are coming to the city.

3. Being local means knowing the city’s real estate history. Most cities has their building codes and over the years they might change. Those changes means the homes are build differently. Knowing what the year was build will help to know how they were build, what kind of energy efficiency they have.

4. Being local means knowing who to do business with. Handyman, plumber, electrician, mechanics, restaurants and etc are a great list for to have. Who else better to ask then your local realtor?

5. Being local means knowing what are the fun and activities things that the city offers. Most cities offers events and activities all year round. Some of the activities are family friendly some may not. Ask the local realtor what the city offers has to offer if you have kids or if you are an outdoor person.

So, finding a local realtor is not just finding a realtor who knows the housing market. Most market knowledge can be looked up on the MLS by pulling market comparison. That is easy to do but the other factors are also valuable. So choose wisely, pick someone who live in the area and someone who work exclusively in the area.

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