Why not contact a Realtor?

by admin on November 11, 2012

Being in the business for many years now, we have meet and seen many folks. We have heard all sorts of questions, comments, feedback. We have been contacted by folks local here in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Little Elm and also from out of the State of Texas and some out of the country.

The one that we are always amazed are the one that contact us and say the following:

“Hi! We are so and so. We are planning to do our own research before hiring a Realtor. We want to drive by some neighborhoods that look interesting to us. We came across THIS and THAT neighborhoods. But what I noticed is that they have been depressed the past few years. What are your thoughts about them? Is $xxx per square feet reasonable or too high?”

While it is a legit and good questions, we are amazed that they want to do their own research. There are some things that you can do you own research on. You can only do the research concerning the topic where the information is out there. There are some data/ information that is not public or hard to find.

Why not contact a Realtor early in the game? Why not interview several Realtor and see who you want to work with? Why not work with a Realtor that you can build relationship with?

All those whys are a wise way to start. You might think that this post is bias because Realtor make a living by earning a commission. True about the commission but that is how we make a living. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How experience are you with a real estate transactions?
  • How well do you know the area?
  • Do you have any dependable contacts (plumber, inspector, mortgage…..etc)?

Real Estate is LOCAL! When you select a Realtor to work with, you want to build a relationship with that person. Why?

Why not? You are about to commit to the biggest purchase of your life and you don’t have anyone who has the expertise that you can consult with? You might call your dad or mom and consulting with them about making a large purchase but they may not have the local real estate knowledge.

So, do your homework. Find the right Realtor for you that you can build a trust relationship so you can just text or call and ask them any questions and get a honest question like they would giving the same advise to their children.

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