What Goes, What Stays in a Frisco TX Home?

by Loreena Yeo on July 11, 2012

What part of home improvement goes, and stays depend on state laws. Here in Frisco Texas (and all of Texas), it is very clear about what stays and what does not. It is listed in Paragraph 2 (B) and (C) of our 1-4 Family Resale Contract, promulgated by the State of Texas.

Paragraph 2B Improvements state:

The house, garage and all other fixtures and improvements attached to the property including without limitation, the following permanently installed and built-in items, if any:

  • All equipment and appliances,
  • Valences, screens, shutters
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Mirrors, ceiling fans, attic fans, mail boxes,
  • Television antennas and satellite dish system and equipment, mounts and brackets for television and speakers,
  • Heating and air-conditioning units,
  • Security and fire detection equipment
  • Wiring, plumbing,
  • Lighting fixtures, chandeliers,
  • Water softener system
  • Kitchen equipment (disposal, dishwasher, oven(s), built-in microwave, (vent mechanism – not in contract but added to include)
  • Garage door openers and remote controls
  • Cleaning equipment (central vacuum)
  • Shrubbery, landscaping,
  • Outdoor cooking equipment
  • All other property owned by Seller and attached to the real property

Paragraph 2C Accessories:

The following described related accessories, if any:

  • Window air conditioning units
  • Fireplace screens, artificial fireplace logs
  • Curtains, draperies and rods, blinds window shades
  • Door keys, mailbox keys
  • Above ground pool, swimming pool equipment and maintenance & accessories
  • Remotes/ controls for satellite dish systems, garage doors, entry gates, ceiling fans, automated window shades


In addition, as a Frisco TX home buyer and seller, to figure out what goes and what stays, anything hung on a nail is considered non real-estate, which means it leaves with the seller.

Over the years, homes in Frisco TX have been accustomed to having FRAMED MIRRORS. Find out how are these items attached to the house. If it is hung on a nail, it leaves. If it is glued onto the wall, then it stays.

Also, find out how your custom closet systems are attached to the home. There are some wired system (such as Elfa, ClosetMaid, etc.) that the tracks are mounted. But the entire closet systems, baskets, drawers, brackets are hooked onto the track (not permanently mounted).

Any of the items stated above, if needed to leave with the Seller should be discussed and negotiated, and written down under Section (D) as EXCLUSIONS.

However, as 3:16 team REALTY home sellers, we will advise sellers, if you plan to remove the items, then do it before the home gets on the market. If needed, replace the items first. The last thing anyone wants in a real estate transaction are for 2 families to fight about a chandelier, or any other items in the property.

My real estate experience taught me never to assume anything – whether or not it is stated in the contract. Home buyers and sellers in Frisco TX rely on us to educate us on what stays and what goes. When in doubt, ASK!!!


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