TrustWorthy Dave Ramsey ELP Insurance Broker for Frisco TX

by Mike Yeo on February 27, 2012

Insurance is one of the thing that people like to hate. It is a love hate relationship.  When you need it, you are glad you have them. If you don’t need them, you will think if you did the right decision to purchase them.

What is Insurance? Insurance is a way to hedge against an uncertainty or risk. You buy insurance to transfer your risk to someone by exchanging monetary or paying a premium.

What are the insurance that you may need? If you own a home, you will need home owner insurance. If you own a car, you will need auto insurance. If you are self employed, you might need medical or disability insurance. What and how much do you need when you are buying insurance?

Well, the key about buying insurance is to understand what you are buying. Find a good trustworthy agent or company that will assess your situation, educate you and recommend what you need. Buying insurance is not all about how much you pay but what are you paying for. If the premium is cheap, there is a reason for it or vice versa.

Alkali Services is an independent insurance broker that offer many different types of insurance. They are a locally owned company based in Plano TX. I have personally do business with them and also recommend our friends and clients to them as well. They are dedicated in educating their client and recommend what they need and not up sell or down sell to close a deal.  I have actually save money on my car policy and got a better coverage policy for my home.

If you shopping for insurance need in Frisco TX, check them out. Visit their website or call them and talk to one of their insurance expert. Alkali Services is also a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).

Call them at 972-673-0045 to talk to an agent.

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