To roof or not to roof? Is that even a question for your Frisco TX home.

by admin on May 12, 2014

To roof or not to roof? Is that even a question for your Frisco TX home.

You know that iving in the great state of Texas, you will see some crazy weather and storm in the spring and fall time. Each storm that hits the Frisco TX area may also bring hail from pea size to golf ball size. Hail can bring damage to your personal properties from your car to your home. One of the important thing to do after a storm is to walk around your home and do a quick assessment of any damage that you may see.

Pay attention to your roof to see if there is any missing shingles. Look at your fence (wood or wrought iron) to see if the are any mark. Check the down spouts and gutters to see if there are any dents. If you see any signs of these mentioned item, you might want to call a reputable roof to come and assess your roof.

A good reputable roof will come out and give you a fair and honest assessment to see if there is any damages and if you need to call your insurance company. Make sure to ask the roof to explain what he is looking for. Ask him about the 10 x 10 test. Make sure you understand what ACV and depreciated  value is.

You and I don’t do this a lot that we know what the process and procedure are, so make sure to find a reputable roofer who are willing to educate you. Don’t find or hire the cheapest roofer. Find someone who has a heart of a teacher that can make you better informed consumer.

It is also a good time to pull out your home insurance policy and understand what coverage you have.

If you need a roofer referral, email or call us. We will be glad to recommend someone that we trust and that we use personally.

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