Tips for getting ready to move.

by Mike Yeo on July 25, 2011

You bought a house it is time. It is time to move into your new home. This is the most stressful time if you don’t plan it right. Before you start, remember to break the tasks down into smaller tasks so it is easier to manage.

To get started, you should declutter your. Separate trash from your valuables. Things that you no longer need, you can do a garage sale (make some money) or take it to donation center (get some tax credit). Don’t be a pack rat.

Next, think about the important things that you need. Identify them. Things like important documents, your essentials clothings, toiletries, cleaning supplies, computer equipments should be pack separately so you can find them easily and move them yourself.

Get your moving supplies in order. You will need:

  • Boxes – you can either buy them from the store like U-Haul or you can try to get free boxes from businesses like bookstore or grocery stores. Make sure the boxes are clean and dry. Get different size of boxes. Do not get too large of box. You will be tempted to load the big boxes, making it heavy and  hard to pick up. You might want to get some wardrobe boxes too. This is a great time saver box.
  • Marker. Get a big fat marker so you can write clearly on the boxes.
  • Label or you can use regular paper and just stick it on the box.
  • Tape and scissors. If you have lots to pack, get plenty of tape.
  • Clear garbage bags. Use the bags for something that is light and small.
  • Newspaper or packing peanuts. You will need these to pack fragile items like glass, plates, breakable ornaments…etc

When you are ready to pack:

  • Pack room by room. Keep all the boxes in the same room. Label them according to the room.
  • Keep the related items together. Related item such as computer cables, mouse, external drives should be kept together with the computer. Keep all the media equipment together, game console and games.
  • Label the boxes.
  • Pack perishable such as food item last but move them first if the move is short. If you have a long drive and your perishable is not going to make it, don’t bother packing them. Give it to neighbor or friends.
  • Carry important documents with you in a bag pack or document carrier.
  • Pack your folded clothes in your luggage. Pack your hung clothes in the wardrobe box. It might be a costly but this will save you a lot of time and hassle.

When you are ready to move:

  • Pack the boxes first into the moving truck. Do not stack them too high or it might topple during the ride.
  • Pack the large heavy item at the end of the truck closer to the door.
  • If you have any loose item, find space between items to stuff them.
  • Remember to cover picture frames or glass with quilted pads. Place them in between something preferably boxes to make sure they are in standing position.

When you get to your destination:

  • Unload the large item to the appropriate room.
  • Unload the boxes according to the label.
  • If you have unpack a box, break the box down and take them to the garage or setup a designated place to collect all the boxes.

If all of this is too hard for you, consider a moving company.

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