Thinking of remodeling your home?

by Mike Yeo on August 17, 2012

Many home owner, after being the house for a while, will tend to want to make some changes. As the style goes out or their change in taste and liking, most likely a remodeling project in sight. What are the things that should be considered when thinking about remodeling your FRISCO TX HOME?

1. Do your homework.
This seems to be a no brain task. Depending on what your project is, you may have more homework than you think. If you are just tiling a room, then it might be easier. If you are completely remodeling your kitchen, replacing old cabinet with new, you might have a tougher project. Do you homework to see if this is something you want to tackle and have the skill to do the job?

2.  Get several quotes
Ask your family or friends if they have anyone that had done work for them and get several quotes. Make sure to get multiple quotes on exactly what they are going to do. One vendor may not do the same as the other and can charge lower. Don’t find that out when they are working on the project. You won’t be a happy camper.

3. Logistics
Will your project involved moving and clearing everything in the house? Do you have any heavy item to move? Make sure to take into consideration of what logistics are needed. Do you need to rent a storage, need packing materials, do you need help moving things. or do you need a truck? Arrange all of that ahead of time.

4. Budget
This is the most important thing. Be sure to sit down and look through the project, consult with the vendor of what is needed and how much it will cost. Always pad some extra money in case of something that was not foreseen. We bought some new light fixtures and it turns out the bulb was more expensive to what we are used to. We had to spend extra money buying 25 bulbs that cost more than usual.

5. Be Patience.
This is crucial. If you have a big project and depend on multiple vendors, you will need to be able to be patience and flexible. If one vendor delays his work, they may impact the others.

Remodeling is not easy and some enjoy the process while others done. I enjoyed the process but the planning was a hectic chore. But when it was completed, I was glad to see all the planning came into fruition.

For us, remodeling our Frisco TX home was something we had planned for a long time. We loved our new home now.

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