The storm has passed over Frisco TX

by Loreena Yeo on April 7, 2012

It’s a beautiful day here in Frisco TX. The thunder storms and tornadoes that hit Arlington (40 miles southwest of Frisco) and Forney (45 miles southeast of Frisco) on April 3rd 2012 are behind us.

It was a disastrous Tuesday afternoon. Tornado sirens were going off for over an hour here in Frisco TX. Many residents seek cover as they keep an eye out for the path of the storm and tornadoes.

Now that it is behind us, and the news media are sharing videos of the disaster. Homes torn apart, vehicles being tossed, and stories about how families were protecting each other in bathrooms and closets.

It is such good news that we did not have any fatalities during the ordeal. Thank God!!! He is indeed good.

Below is a dramatic video shot our local news station where a tornado touched down near Lancaster and lifting trailers and tossing them around like toys.

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