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Directly from our clients about what to expect when working with Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTY. If necessary, please contact us for phone numbers of references.

10 out of 10

If I were asked to rate you by someone, I would give you a 10 out of 10. When I first met you back in early November I was desperate to find someone who I could trust and who had experience with Short Sales. I immediately knew you were the one to take me through my journey. You were accountable for all the things you said you would do. You contacted me only when necessary and used your best judgment for all other issues. Although I was financially strapped you came up with great solutions to keep my utility services on throughout the selling process. And, lastly you sold my home just in time for me to avoid a foreclosure. I was truly blessed to have you as my Realtor. Thank you again for carrying me through this journey.

Have a great day. Tonya Haley

Always on your side

“We began to use Miss Loreena as our relator(R) through one of our best friends’ strong recommendations. Now, it turns out that it is one of our best decisions. With her great help and outstanding professional service, we found our investment property with a good price in one month!! We really appreciate all she has done for us. We have to say she is the BEST real estate agent We have ever met. What’s more? You can always count on her because you will surely find out that she is ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE, NOT MONEY’s SIDE! Thanks again, Loreena, for your great service!!”

George Z in Frisco TX

Jim Bagley - a satisfied client of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTYMost importantly, trustworthy

Loreena is hardworking, thorough, knowledgeable & most importantly trustworthy. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends & family.

Kept me grounded and stress free throughout the entire process

At the age of 37, I finally decided to take the leap into home ownership. I had been thinking about purchasing a home for years, but always found a reason not to. I think my reasons or excuses for not purchasing a home stemmed from my fear of the unknown.

Tracie Gaston - Loreena & 3:16 team REALTY Happy ClientI was totally clueless about the home buying process, so I did what most first time home buyers do, I got qualified for my loan and started looking for homes via the internet. I found a house I wanted to see, so not knowing any better, I just contacted the agent who posted the listing. Boy was that a mistake. This particular agent did not listen to me when I explained to her what I was looking for in a home, so she basically wasted both my time and hers by showing me houses that I wasn’t interested in. Not only that, the agent wasn’t even familiar with the area I was looking in!

At this point, I was very discouraged. I was searching for homes in the Plano/Frisco area. Almost every time I pulled up a listing, Loreena’s name and website popped up (kudos to Loreena on her marketing efforts!). I clicked on Loreena’s company website one day and started reading her blogs. I couldn’t believe how much valuable information was on her website. If Loreena had this much information on her website, I knew she’d be perfect for a clueless first time home buyer like myself.

I also appreciated that fact that Loreena was not afraid to mix her God First posts with her real estate posts. I contacted Loreena and set up an appointment to view some properties. When I met Loreena and we viewed houses together, I knew she had to be my agent! I was impressed by Loreena’s knowledge of the area and her sincere and honest approach to her job. I don’t know how I knew, but somehow I just knew that she would not steer me wrong. I gave Loreena a list of my requirements for my home. One of which was that I did not want an East/West facing home due to the extreme heat from the Texas sun beaming through windows and the backyard. To my surprise, the next time we toured homes, Loreena assured me that she had previewed the homes to verify that they were North/South facing since that was one of my requirements.

Tracie Gaston - Loreena & 3:16 team REALTY Happy ClientI was so impressed and Loreena continued to impress me throughout my entire home buying experience. Loreena walked me through every step of the process and was in touch with me daily to give me updates. A couple of my faults that I can admit to are that I’m impatient and I get stressed pretty easily. Loreena kept me grounded and stress free throughout the entire process. I think the thing that really made the experience so great is that I truly trusted Loreena. I felt like she always had my best interest in mind and not just her commission. It’s so hard to find people you can trust these days and people who actually care about providing good customer service.

Loreena far exceeded my expectations by providing outstanding customer service. I trusted Loreena from the first day I met her and she proved that my gut feeling was correct. I’m also very happy to say that I not only met an awesome realtor but I gained a friend in the process. Thank you Loreena for making my first home buying experience a very pleasant one! After renting all of these years, I finally feel like I’m truly home.

Made us feel we were the only clients

“Loreena is the best!!! My husband and I found her when we were starting our search for our first house and Nam & Agness Nguyen - Satisfied Clients of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTY religiously checking out houses. We saw her website and looked at how many people have been really pleased working with her. We knew immediately that we wanted to work with her. After searching for a while, we didn’t like any of the existing houses that we see (because we are very picky!). So, we decided to get a new house built from scratch instead. We didn’t know that we could have a realtor to help us out purchasing a new house.

It was the best thing ever happened since we are first-time buyers. Loreena was there all along during the timely process. She patiently gave us advice on considering the good and the bad on every property, answering our never-ending questions, and she even bargained for bonuses with the seller!!! We got a hefty lump for interior upgrades and a free premium land with a greenbelt because of her help. One of the reasons why I have recommended her for buying and selling is because she always made us feel like we were her only clients. She worked tirelessly on our behalf to help us find the perfect house. I highly recommend the 3:16 team REALTY to anyone looking to buy or sell! Thanks Loreena, we love our house!”

Nam & Agnes N., Frisco TX

Paul Thibodeaux - Client of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTYInsight to understand desires

Having owned a home once before, over 15 years ago, it was in many ways nice to move into a rented townhome, free from the burdens of work associated with owning a home. But there was a price to that, most of all the feeling that you don’t really belong there and you are just borrowing.

So, every couple of years, I would look for a home to purchase. However, I had such specific requirements that I never could find a place that came close to meeting my desires. Also, I could not find a realtor that was patient enough to wait out the search process over a long period of time to allow the right house to come onto the market.

It was great to find Loreena – the realtor with the insight to understand my desires to not rush into just any house and the patience to stick with the endeavor over the course.

That said, I am now happily in a home that, for the most part, met all of my requirements in some fashion. Its wonderful to be living in my OWN place, despite the extra work and expense of home ownership. In many ways, the home has exceeded expectations, especially due to the beautiful deck/creek view out back, which is a constant source of visual beauty. Its nice to be at home now!

Paul T., Dallas TX

Reassuring to have someone we could TRUST

Things are going great! After working on our house for the past week, I think we’re even more in love with it than before. The open floorplan downstairs inspires a very plain sort of elegance that reflects the type of life we’re looking forward to maintaining within its walls: simple and happy. We’ve managed to get some things done like cleaning windows, painting vents, and other maintenance items, but we’re waiting to get into the meat of the work after getting water, gas, and electricity turned on this week.

I can’t thank you enough for the hard-work you put in as well as the ethical manner in which you conduct business. It was reassuring to have someone we felt we could trust during a process that was at times both frustrating and confusing. Thanks again!

Bobby R. & Sarah F.

Becky & Jeff Showman - Clients of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTYSell so soon & for more money

We appreciate everything! Loreena was just fantastic. We sold our home much faster than we had planned and for more than we were expecting!

Becky & Jeff S., Frisco TX

According to our requirements

We worked with few Realtors while looking for a house, and what we noticed is that there is no personal touch in any of them. They treat this as a job, and so they didn’t really care for your needs.

Hardik & Shraddha Patni - Clients of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTYAnd so we were desperate to find someone who will listen to our unique needs and try to address them rather than just bombarding us with the same style houses over and over. And thats how we found Loreena’s web-site. I noticed that her web-site had good and useful information, and so decided to call her.

I think that was the best decision we made for our house. She understood our requirements and started showing houses according to our requirements. And so we knew that we found a right agent finally…But key was that whether she can carry this forward right till the end..

Our case was complex as I was relatively new in this country. But she handled all the hiccups very professionally and just because of her help at various levels, we ended up in a house otherwise we didn’t really see us having a house at least till next year…

Thanks Loreena for all your help and we look forward to seeing you again when we buy our next house..

Hardik & Shraddha P., Frisco TX
Pinnacle of Integrity & True Consultant

Jared & Jill Still - Clients of Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTY “Loreena is an exceptional agent, and advisor. She is a pinnacle of integrity, and a true consultant, seeking to solve her clients challenges with exceptionally sound guidance, detailed analysis, and the utmost professional communication. I would hire Loreena 100 times over and recommend her to my pastor, my grandma or my daughter. I have absolute and complete confidence in Loreena Yeo and expect to see her excel professionally and in leadership capacities for many, many years to come.”

Jared & Jill S., Plano TX

Surprised us that most of the work was already done…

“I had contacted several realtors and several made less than a half-hearted effort to do anything except try to get exclusivity. This is when I found out that Loreena was doing real estate, so I contacted her and made an appointment.

When she arrived for our appointment, we went through the normal preliminary procedures and all was fine. Then she surprised us. She had already done most of the work and only needed to take a few pictures of the inside and determine the price that we would be comfortable asking. She also spent a great deal of time explaining to us how the whole sales process work and what we could expect. All was correct and explained to us in a way that was very pleasant, easy to understand with time for questions and with no condescension at all . We were so impressed that we offered exclusivity.

About a week later, we moved to the east coast and left her in charge of the house. She made sure that all was being taken care of as we had arranged, with contractors. Then she went to work and very soon afterwards she had a buyer for us with many possibilities in their favor she was able to keep them interested in our house and they passes on all of the others. Their realtor was well seasoned and strong willed, but she held her ground and delivered a good price, and a painless sale. If you ask me, there is no better realtor than Loreena, because she puts her heart into the sale of the property and you can sense it and her sincerity”.

Eric & Tomoko Q., Plano TX

Frisco TX Homes for Sale

Giving the highest recommendation possible!

“Loreena is an excellent real estate agent in every aspect. She is extremely knowledgable of the real estate market, exhibits the highest integrity, delivers great results, and is very personable and attentive to our needs. I have extremely high trust in Loreena. I would give Loreena the highest recommendation possible!”

Greg T., Frisco TX

She made things happen

Happy Sellers of 3:16 team REALTY“Well, without Loreena, we will still be pouring money out of our savings account while waiting for a buyer. In today’s economy, we thought we will be sitting on the property for months. We did not listen to her advise 2 years ago and regret and therefore, as soon as our tenant left this time, we have asked Loreena for her help again. With her expertise, she managed to help us sell our house in less than a month on the market. We got our first offer on the 10th day and second offer on the 12th day, finally sold the house on the 14th day on the market. She was very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure that everyone is happy. We are happy that we believed in her and she made things happen. We definitely recommend Loreena and will definitely use her again.”

Laura & CJ L., Plano TX

A Professional who knows what she is doing

“I worked with Loreena long enough to know that she is a professional who knows what she is doing. She gave us great advices on how to choose our first home. She kept in touch and on top of things all the time, she made our home buying process a lot easier. She is great to work with and I would highly recommend her to my friends.”

Mariana & Mike L., The Colony TX

Obvious choice to represent us

“My wife and I, found Loreena through her blogs on ActiveRain. Her thoughts on home affordability, sensible home financing strategies, thorough market analysis and contract negotiations, made us avid readers and faithful followers of her blog. So, when it was time to find our first home, she was the obvious choice to represent us as our Realtor. From the very first meeting, Loreena has always been “the professional” -always punctual, prepared and efficient. Being first time home buyers, we are ever grateful for her helpful insights about home financing and handling our first major debt – the mortgage – with extra emphasis on how to get debt free as soon as possible. She helped us find a home most suited to our needs, expertly negotiated our contract and helped us buy our dream home. I would definitely recommend Loreena for all your real estate needs!”

Jag P., Allen TX

McKinney TX Homes for SaleNever dreamed it would sell the first weekend

“Loreena, you were so helpful in your advice on how to prepare and stage our home. We never dreamed it would sell the first weekend! How can we thank you enough! You’re wonderful.  You under-promised and over-delivered! You did what you said you would do and then, went beyond. You were out of the country our first week but we could still reach you daily. Thank you!”

Tom & Debbie M., McKinney TX

Went above & beyond in my book

“We needed to sell our house first, before we could purchase another. Tough task in this current housing market. And even in a Buyers market, both are a challenge. All I can sayFrisco TX Homes for sale is, WoW! You far exceeded our expectations on both. Your dedication, knowledge, patience and professionalism is second to none. During the time when we were working with you, you were blessed with a new baby. Honestly, I was thrilled for and your husband, but a little concerned you may not be able to maintain your top notch performance in this highly completive housing market. Well, my concerns quickly faded as I realized, you had more energy than I did! While never compromising the health of your baby, you were always accessible, even if that meant talking to us from your hospital room. We joked all along about signing contracts right up until delivery and well, we did! You are truly committed to your clients.  We got a fair price for the sell and found the “perfect” home for our family.  You went above and beyond in my book. THANK YOU!!!! The happy memories we make in our new home will always include you and your family!”

Todd L., Frisco TX

Not only are our clients satisfied with our professionalism, read how other real estate professionals enjoy working with 3:16 team REALTY.

Embodiment of integrity, hard work & honesty

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Loreena Yeo personally and professionally for several years and Loreena is the consummate Real Estate professional. The embodiment of integrity, hard work and honesty with her client’s best interests always first and foremost. I would highly recommend hiring Loreena and her company 3:16 team REALTY for all your real estate needs.”

Karen Otto, Home Star Staging

Dedicating is truly inspiring

“I have been introduced to Loreena Yeo’s approach to Real Estate and life through our partnership in the ActiveRain Real Estate blogging forum. As anyone who’s been fortunate enough to read many of Loreena’s articles knows, she is about as dedicated to a goal as anyone I know. She provides countless hours of dedication to informational and educational posts to help fellow Realtors and customers, and has become a must read for all of us. Her insight on how to approach different Real Estate situations has been extremely valuable for many of us, and Loreena has been a wonderful teacher to follow. In addition, she has recapped many Real Estate successes she has had, and I will have no hesitation to refer any clients I have to Loreena, who may be looking to buy in the area she services. Finally, as a person, there are very few who I admire more. Her dedication to her family, her friends, and her faith, is truly inspiring, and certainly are facets that made me drawn to Loreena. I will recommend her to anyone I know who could use her services as a Realtor, and I will recommend any co-workers who are looking for an informative Real Estate teacher to go ahead and read her blog.

Sheldon Neal, Re/Max Real Estate Ltd.

Tremendously passionate about selling real estate

“Loreena is tremendously passionate about selling real estate. She is very, very hard working as testified by the blog that she puts out. I know first hand the dedication and commitment it takes to put out the high quality of material that she does. I think it says a lot about her as a person and as a tremendously qualified Realtor. I would recommend her highly!”

Lori Cofer, Beasley Realty

Professional who cares for clients’ needs

“Loreena is an an exceptional Realtor who has a strong grasp of the web 2.0 and how to use her online prowess in order to benefit her clients. I have watched her use a very successful blog in order to network and capture business both from other Realtors and consumers alike. She is a true professional who cares for her clients needs. I would not hesitate to refer business Loreena’s way.”

Bill Gassett, Re/Max Executive Realty

High energy level, high ethical standards & strong knowledge of the business

“I have been a full time Realtor for nearly 20 years. Once in a while I come across someone with a high energy level, high ethical standards, and strong knowledge of the business. Loreena fits all of the above. Although we are in different markets, I find myself regularly checking to see what Loreena has to say on different topics. Although my company has a worldwide referral system if I had anyone going to Loreena’s market she would be first on my list to refer to. She is a true, hard working professional.”

Larry Riggs, Re/Max Results

Great enthusiasm & passion

John Cannata - Reliant Mortgage“Loreena is a highly educated Real Estate Broker in Frisco, TX. She ensures her clients are well represented and well informed throughout the Real Estate transaction. Loreena’s has great enthusiasm and passion for Real Estate. If you are looking for a home to buy or sell in the surrounding area, I strongly recommend Loreena Yeo.”

John Cannata, Legacy Texas Mortgage

I have many passions. Bringing financial awareness and helping small business growing their businesses are huge callings in my life. I am able to reach so many people, often through real estate. Here are some people whom I’m able to touch.

There is truly nothing more satisfying than to know I have made a difference.

Genuinely kind-hearted person

“I am still staying in the same place for now, but I have paid my rent up for 4 and a half months! Can you believe that?! My budgeting is going good as well. I cant want for you to see my little cash divider. That was one of  the best things that ever happen to my finances. You were one of  the best things that ever happen to my finances. I really appreciate all of your help, Loreena. You are genuinely kind-hearted person. I have made a great change since our last visit and I owe all to you! I even have money to do my extra shopping and put back some in the same paycheck and it all on the same salary.

Your friendship is truly a blessing to me and I am pretty sure that there are plenty of people that can second feeling. I want to that you for just being yourself and taking time out of your busy schedule to help me with my situations. You are truly the best!”

Regina Scott

Determination & persistence changed my attitude in LIFE

“It’s been 6 months since I moved to Dallas. I “thought” about starting my own business way before I moved here. I just Photos by Suki - Dallas Wedding Photographydid not take the business plan seriously, but I was hoping the business opportunities would come and knock on my door.
Until Loreena invited me to a photography session for her church, we started talking about my business plan. She shared a lot of her thoughts with me. She has been a true inspiration. Not only did she shared all her experience and knowledge with me, she has been encouraging and motivating me in every possible way.
I have accomplished so much in 3 weeks, she made me realize “dream is just a dream if I dont make it comes true.”
Her determination and persistence have made me changed my attitude NOT only on my business plan, but also my attitude in LIFE.

Thanks, Loreena!”

Suki Lee, PhotosbySuki.com (Dallas Wedding Photographer)

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Chiquita Tate July 27, 2011 at 11:01 am

“Loreena was a God-send to me when trying to sell my home! She is a very smart business woman who understands how to meet people where they are. Her knowledge, personality, and determination won me over from the moment we met. I personally want to thank her for going the extra mile to assist me in every way possible. Not only is she an amazing broker, but she’s become a dear friend who I admire and trust. Thanks Loreena for sharing your gifts and talents with me! Blessings!”


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