Stage 3 Water Restriction for City of Frisco TX

by Mike Yeo on May 28, 2013

Stage 3 Water Restriction for City of Frisco TX

As the summer months comes around, thinking about taking care of the lawn becomes a topic that we all need to be concern with. The City of Frisco is part of the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Being in part of NTMWD, the city is to adhere to their rules when it comes to water consumption and conservation.

Beginning June 1, the City of Frisco will move to Stage 3 water restriction. What does this means? Under Stage 3, outdoor watering will only be limited to once a week on the trash day of the resident. There will no outdoor watering allowed between 10 am and 6pm.

According to the City of Frisco website, first-time Stage 3 violation results in immediate disconnection of the sprinkler system and a red sign being placed in the yard, noting the violation.  There will beaA $25 administrative fee applied to the first-time violator’s next water bill.  The fee may be waived if residents complete a free irrigation check-up. Additional violations result in higher fees: $50 for a second violation, and $75 for a third violation, including a citation.  Violators will need to call Frisco Public Works, 972-292-5800, to have their outdoor watering system ‘turned on’. Frisco recorded approximately 3,500 watering violations in 2012.

There are several things you can do to help conserve water:

  1. You should make sure that your sprinkler system is performing correctly to not waste any water. Make sure to request a FREE Sprinkler Check UP.
  2. Subscribe to the city’s Weekly Watering Advise.
  3. Learn about WaterWise Program. The City host a variety of workshops. The workshop helps homeowner to learn to be take care of their lawn and water saving techniques. Check out the workshop events.

Help our city to conserve our water resources. Be a good Frisco TX Citizens.




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