Size of the Brokerage Firm Doesn’t Matter in Home Selling. The Marketing Effort, on the other hand does.

by Mike Yeo on April 2, 2011

As Spring starts to break, many homeowners get ready to interview the best real estate agent to sell their home.

There is an advantage to belong (for agents) and list (for sellers) with a large real estate brokerage firm. Many real estate agents depend on each other for work support and such. However, to say that that’s where your buyer would come from and completely ignore an independent real estate firm solely for that reason would have not been a fair judgment. The 80/20 rule applies throughout.

When a real estate agent does not have a buyer that fits a home criteria, it really doesn’t matter if that agent belongs to a large real estate brokerage firm, or an independent real estate firm. No buyer is no buyer.

When a property comes on the market, any buyer’s agents who have clients with criterias that match the property will bring the potential buyers into the house. More than likely, they use the MLS information – just like an independent real estate firm would. An independent real estate firm as well as large real estate firms have the same access to the MLS (assuming they belong to a Realtor board).

So, to say you select a real estate agent solely because of the size of the brokerage firm and that size determines how many buyer’s agents would bring potential buyers into your house – you would have been mis-led. Who’s to say that an independent real estate firm would not or could not? All real estate brokerage firms rely on the MLS information.

Instead, interview an agent based on experience, marketing plan as well as track record. Firm sizes do not matter. When I discuss track record, I may have just opened up a can of worms. Track record is a very subjective concept to a consumer. If an agent list 300 homes a year, s/he may sell 50% of the inventory. If an agent list 50-75 homes a year, s/he may sell 75% of the inventory. Then, there are agents who sell 10-15 homes a year that sells all 100% of the sellers’ homes. I do believe a list to sell ratio is important in agent evaluation.

In the end, you only care about whether your listing agent performs and you only need 1 buyer’s agent. All buyer’s agents have access to the same information – small or large.

People sell houses not yard in the signs.

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