Should I buy a Frisco TX home if I have plans to move later?

by Mike Yeo on September 5, 2013

Should I buy a Frisco TX home if I have plans to move later?

We have met and served tons of folks who uprooted their family and moved to Frisco TX. Family moved here for variety of reasons. Job relocation, better environment for their family, moving close to family, moving away from family :) …..whatever it is.

Is there a time when family who moved to Frisco TX should not buy their home? Well the answer varies from one family to another. There is no cookie cutter answers.

The number one question to ask is How long do you plan to stay in Frisco TX? Now, that could be subjective. People get relocated for better opportunity at their job or people get laid off. That is not what I am talking about.

I am asking about your plans that you have in mind. If you moved here for job that you will be there and don’t plan to quit then that is OK. If you move to Frisco TX and know that you will be moving again in 2 years then maybe buying may not be something you want to do.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. There is a cost of selling. You will be paying for expenses like title and the big chunk is real estate commission.
  2. The price you paid for the house may not have appreciate enough for you to cover the cost of selling (see point 1).
  3. Hassle. If you know when you are moving, you don’t want the hassle of selling the house. Preparing the house for showing, having to work with agents while you are out of town, getting paper work while your stuff have been packed, maintaining the yard when you don’t live there are just some of the hassle.

I can understand that under some circumstances , you may have to buy because you can’t find as house for your family’s need. In any cases, make sure you know what your selling options will be when it comes time to sell.

Call us if you are wondering if you should buy or sell. We can help you to figure out which is the best option.



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