Sellers, There are 3 Types of Buyers for your Frisco TX home

by Loreena Yeo on October 20, 2011

Sellers, there really are 3 types of buyers that will potential stroll through your Frisco TX home.

(1) Looker Buyers

Because Frisco TX is a city that constantly gets an influx of relocation buyers to the area, it is not uncommon that buyers are just here for a few-day visit to scout the areas, check in on their new place of work. While they are here, they check out the available Frisco TX homes for sale.

These buyers may not be ready to purchase TODAY but more than likely, in a few months. But let’s hope that your Frisco TX home will no longer be here when they are ready to write the offer.

(2) On-the-fence Buyers

This group of buyers are looking for the “right” Frisco TX home to buy but cannot commit for whatever personal reasons. Yet, they will still want to visit week-after-week. Perhaps one of these homes are yours!

(3) Serious Buyers

These group of buyers are the most serious. They are ready to put their names on paper. These are the buyers you want.

Knowing all these groups of buyers that could potentially stroll through your house, you just may not know which types they are. Has it inconvenienced you during the showings if the showing did not end up with an offer? I’m sure it did. But you should still put your best foot forward at each appointment. You might never know who comes along.

I’ve sold many homes to the first buyer who walks in the door!

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