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Successful home selling begins with the right resources. It is no doubt that we face a challenging real estate market right now, the greater Frisco TX homes for sale included. Hence, there are a few critical steps to take in order to see the success at the end of a very stressful and emotional process.

Here at, the principal company of 3:16 team REALTY is devoted to assisting greater Frisco TX home sellers with their customized exclusive Home Marketing and Selling plan based on many past successful experiences.

Find out why every 3:16 client is able to move on to his/ her next phase in life because he/she had used the Systematic Market Approach of Home Selling – the carefully orchestrated, purposefully-intentional Home Marketing plan. Also read 3:16 Seller Client Testimonials.


Every home has a story. Shouldn’t yours tell a different one from your neighbor’s?

Find out why this Systematic Market to Home Selling is indeed the DIFFERENTIATOR of and 3:16 team REALTY.

Systematic Market Approach to Home Selling in the greater Frisco TX homes for sale:
The carefully orchestrated, purposefully-intentional Home Marketing plan

The Systematic Market Approach to Home Selling will be your powerful advantage over your competition. It is also a marketing strategy most Realtors® do not use. It employs a combination of several time-proven strategies to effectively and successfully sell greater Frisco TX homes.

The Systematic Market Approach is also and 3:16 team REALTY’s unique proposal to sell your home. We have seen enough non-effective ways to sell homes in this challenging market to know that it takes more than a real estate sign in the yard, lock boxes and MLS exposure that every Realtor® in town use.

The Systematic Market Approach consists of:

  • A Complete Recommended List for Home Preparation including Staging services. More than de-cluttering, staging is an important link to this puzzle. Staging is NOT home decorating. Staging is accentuating the features of your greater Frisco TX home while downplaying the not-so-great.
    As a Realtor® with an Accredited Staging Professional designation, home staging is the added-value benefit to using 3:16 team REALTY. The staging comes as a free yet important aspect to successfully home selling. However, if you prefer to use a Professional Stager, we have a few solid track-record referrals that we would recommend to you.
  • Lifestyle Marketing. Every home tells a story. Every home should be presented to its buyers uniquely because of it. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size fits all Home Marketing plan in the Systematic Market Approach. Find out how this system will set you apart!
  • Pricing. Pricing is the most important key to the equation. At the time when a Home Value is requested, 3:16 team REALTY will participate in a detailed conversation about your home. Then, a detailed market analysis is compared to obtain a suggested price range for which your home should sell for. The Systematic Market Approach takes in consideration features for features in the sold market data. In today’s challenging real estate market also makes it a Buying opportunity for home buyers. It is not uncommon for buyers to buy at an already exceptionally attractive price in addition to receiving Seller contributions in closing costs. All these are taken into consideration so that you – the homeowner is aware of what’s going on in the greater Frisco TX real estate market. and 3:16 team REALTY are devoted to fueling the greater Frisco TX home markets, so watch out for the real estate commentaries and market reports about how the greater Frisco TX home market areas are doing.
  • Web Exposure. The Internet is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s home selling business. Although chances are fairly high that your home will be sold to a buyer who used a local Real Estate agent, most buyers begin their home search long before they decide to work with a Realtor. Give your listing the maximum exposure it deserves.

Your home deserves the best marketing plan there is. On top of that, it comes with an unconditional guarantee (cancellation at any time at no cost to you) and a short listing period to ensure you do not feel locked in.

Call or better yet, chat with 3:16 team REALTY over the Internet NOW!

“I just don’t know where to begin to thank you for your help.  We have been trying to sell this property in 2007. During that time, you told us that we need to stage the house and probably replace some old stuff in there.  Like most sellers, of course I have a mind set of not putting any more money in the house because my intention is the sell the house.  You did advise us that if we don’t stage our house, we are most likely not going to be able to sell the house at the price that we are asking for and probably not able to sell the house.  Of course then, we did not listen to you and sat on the house for 8 months before somebody actually lease the house because the rest of the offers were ridiculous.

So, this time around, when our tenant left and we decided to sell our house, we listened to your advise!  We spent 3-4K putting in wood floors and tiles.  We also put in some furniture to stage the house and of course, you helped us stage the house.  To our surprise, we got our first showing the day after our property was listed.  And what is most amazing is that we got our first offer within 10 days.  We were feeling so good even though the price that the buyer has offered is not what we have asked but it is close.  I am so happy and glad that you gave us advise to hold on to the offer and that you would like to counter-offer with a better price.  We trusted your instinct and we are so happy we did.  2 days after that, we got another offer for more than the price that we have asked for.

I just cannot thank you more for all that you have done.  You went above and beyond to help us sell this property.  I am also glad that watching HGTV has helped us understand what you mentioned to us about staging the house.  Without all of this, I am sure we will still be stuck with this property.  I am so happy to have use you as our realtor and will definitely continue to refer you to our friends.  Who says we have to sell our property at a low price during this time? Thank you so much! “

CJ and Laura Lim

“Loreena, you were so helpful in your advice on how to prepare and stage our home. We never dreamed it would sell the first weekend! How can we thank you enough! You’re wonderful.  You under-promised and over-delivered! You did what you said you would do and then, went beyond. You were out of the country our first week but we could still reach you daily. Thank you!”

Tom & Debbie Milner

“Before the tech-sector crash in 2000, I was living in Plano Texas. As you know, this area went from very affluent to on of the biggest foreclosure areas in the US. Fortunately, I survived it. Later, but while the affects of the crash were still very real I needed to move. I had contacted several realtors and several made less than a half-hearted effort to do anything except try to get exclusivity. This is when I found out that Loreena was doing real estate, so I contacted her and made an appointment.

When she arrived for our appointment, we went through the normal preliminary procedures and all was fine. Then she surprised us. She had already done most of the work and only needed to take a few pictures of the inside and determine the price that we would be comfortable asking. She also spent a great deal of time explaining to us how the whole sales process work and what we could expect. All was correct and explained to us in a way that was very pleasant, easy to understand with time for questions and with no condescension at all We were so impressed that we offered exclusivity.

About a week later, we moved to the east coast and left her in charge of the house. She made sure that all was being taken care of as we had arranged, with contractors. Then she went to work and very soon afterwards she had a buyer for us with many possibilities in their favor she was able to keep them interested in our house and they passes on all of the others. Their realtor was well seasoned and strong willed, but she held her ground and delivered a good price, and a painless sale.

If you ask me, there is no better realtor than Loreena, because she puts her heart into the sale of the property and you can sense it and her sincerity”.

Eric & Tomoko Quere

We needed to sell our house first, before we could purchase another. Tough task in this current housing market. And even in a Buyers market, both are a challenge. All I can say is, WoW! You far exceeded our expectations on both. Your dedication, knowledge, patience and professionalism is second to none. During the time when we were working with you, you were blessed with a new baby. Honestly, I was thrilled for and your husband, but a little concerned you may not be able to maintain your top notch performance in this highly completive housing market. Well, my concerns quickly faded as I realized, you had more energy than I did! While never compromising the health of your baby, you were always accessible, even if that meant talking to us from your hospital room. We joked all along about signing contracts right up until delivery and well, we did! You are truly committed to your clients.  We got a fair price for the sell and found the “perfect” home for our family.  You went above and beyond in my book. THANK YOU!!!!”

Todd Lehmann

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