Secret Recipe Malaysian Cuisine

by Mike Yeo on October 26, 2011

If you are looking for Malaysian cuisine in the DFW area, this is a place you ought to try. If you don’t know what is Malaysian cuisine, well let me introduce you to your new taste bud. Malaysian cuisine derived from multiple ethnic such as Chinese, Indian and Malay. The 3 blend may not be in the same dish but you can get dishes from these 3 culture. Dishes are made with various spices and very tasteful.

Food preparation differs from place to place within the country but rice is the staple food that serves with dishes.

Couple of all time favorite food served at the restaurant are Nasi Lemak (coconut rice dish can be served with curry chicken), chay kueh teow (stir fry flat noodle), Hainanese Chicken Rice (steamed chicken served with rice cooked in margarine or chicken stock), Asam fish (fish cook with tamarind sauce), curry mee (noodle served in chicken curry) and many more.

1404 W Hebron Pkwy
Carrollton TX 75010

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