Renting Feels Like It’s Borrowing

by Mike Yeo on July 8, 2011

A home means different things to different people. For some, it’s a symbol of status – “I have already arrived”… For others, it’s a sanctuary. A place like no other.

As for one of my clients in his very own words …

Having owned a home once before, over 15 years ago, it was in many ways nice to move into a rented townhome, free from the burdens of work associated with owning a home.   But there was a price to that. Most of all, it’s the feeling that you don’t really belong there and you are just borrowing.

So, every couple of years, I would look for a home to purchase.  However, I had such specific requirements that I never could find a place that can come close to meeting my desires.  Also, I could not find a Realtor(R) that was patient enough to wait out the search process over a long period of time to allow the right house to come onto the market.

It was great to find a Realtor(R) with the insights to understand my desires, to not rush into just any house and have the patience to stick with the endeavor over the course.

That said, I am now happily in a home that met all of my requirements in some fashion.  It’s wonderful to be living in my OWN place, despite the extra work and expense of home ownership.  In many ways, the home has exceeded expectations, especially due to the beautiful deck/creek view out back, which is a constant source of visual beauty.  It’s nice to finally be at home now!

A year and a puppy later, my client is exceptionally happy where he’s at.

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