Pets are not part of Real Estate transaction

by Mike Yeo on March 27, 2012

As part of the home selling process, if you have been on that side, you know how much hassle it can be. Buyer might schedule to see at early or late hours or when your kids are about to take a nap. There is nothing fun about the process.

It is much more frustrating for the buyers to look at a house and have to deal with yapping dog or chasing after some cat that bolted out the front door as you open it. Yes, folks! Your pooch or your family pet is cute but not cute if they aren’t yours.

Remember, you are selling your home. Your pets are not part of the transaction. I know that everything is negotiable but I have yet to seen a transaction that includes pets.

As a seller, you want to let the buyer to have time to be in the house and imagine how their life would be when they move in. You want them to spend as much time as possible in the house.

Guess what happens when you have your pets in the house? Here are some of the possibility of what happens when there are pets in the house:

1. If your pet dog is barking at the front door while the agent is trying to unlock the door, they might just locked and move on to the next house.

2. If you have a pet cat that just bolted out the front door, the buyers would be trying to chase down the cat. Time is spent chasing your cat instead of looking at the house.

3. If you have a pet in the crate and is barking all the time, the buyer might walk out faster than usual because it is annoying.

4. If your dog is running free out in the yard and you have a pool, guess what the buyer will not get to see? Yup, the pool, the size of the yard, the potential of what they can do with the yard.

I think you get the idea. What I mentioned above is not made up. They were my personal experience when bringing my client to see houses. I have chase a cat, getting knock down by a cute labrador in the backyard, standing in the living room trying to figure how big the yard size is because the canine teeth is greeting us at the patio door.

So just a word of advise, take your pets with you. It is a hassle but I am sure you want to sell your home.



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