Location! Location! Location!

by Mike Yeo on March 5, 2012

Real estate is all about location. Finding a house is as important as to relative to where you work, play, dine or shop. Don’t discount location because of construction. There are reasons for construction. It could be repairing or expansion project.

We have heard some buyers complaining about construction and they will never buy a house located in a construction zone. We all want easy access to our destination. It is easy to see that it will be a hassle sitting in traffic during the construction.

I have a different take on that. We are quick to see the negativity of construction but think about it. Why is there construction project going on? Is it repair? Is it expansion?

The sign of construction to me, firstly,  means that the city is looking ahead planning for the capacity that they are anticipate. If the city is growing and we are in FRISCO TX, the city would have to plan ahead. That shows that the city is actively planning ahead and shows a great deal that the city is working hard to make the city a better place for everyone.

Secondly, construction to repair shows that the city cares for their infrastructure. Otherwise, you will be driving across pot holes all over the city.Bad infrastructure will not be a good publicity for the city. Congestion is always a negative in our mind.

Thirdly, construction may signify future economic expansion to attract new businesses to the city. That means attracting more employment to the city. New business means more revenue for the city.  Our city has attracted many businesses over the years bringing new employments.

So, when you are a buyer don’t discount a community if you see construction near by. Find out what is going on, when the construction is expected to complete. Don’t be mad about construction and discount what could be a great location.

To view road construction news in and around Frisco Texas, click on the link here.

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