Kudos to Frisco TX Mayor Maso

by Mike Yeo on June 29, 2012

I love our city because I live, work and play here. We relocated a lot of folks from out of state and country to our beloved city. As a realtor and the unofficial ambassador of the city, we always brag about how great the city is, what the city offers, how friendly the people are, how diverse the cuisines are and how much shopping and retail we have. Well, today, I want to brag about how great our Mayor is. Not only does he serve our city, he is also a long time resident of Frisco since 1992.

Mayer Maso has been involved with the city since 2000. He was elected as the mayor of Frisco in 2008 and again 2011. Recently, he made the news as a hero. As he was driving, he noticed smoke coming out of a house. Not only did he called 911 to report it, he had alerted the resident of the house who at the time did not know what was happening. Mayer Maso then continue to take action to put out the fire.

I am thankful to know that we have a caring mayor in the city we live in. I am proud to call Frisco TX my home.

Read about him here.

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