Kids and Real Estate

by Loreena Yeo on February 23, 2012

As parents, we always do our best to provide everything to our children within our means (some even when it’s out of reach). Many times, parents make decision to buy or sell real estate because of the children. Some of my personal experiences with my clients have been:Frisco TX PreSchool

  • Moving to a better school district
  • Parents divorce, and need to sell their home. But each of them buy a home in the same designated school – to try cause minimal disruption to their already chaotic lives.
  • Parents move across country to come to Frisco and Plano school districts because we have very good Special Education programs in public schools, equivalent to private education where they are at. Private special education programs are very expensive.

Many families time their move, their buying and selling of real estate based on the school calendar. Hence in Frisco TX, just like most parts of the country, the majority of the home sales are conducted between end of May through August.

One of the big concerns when “moving” for parents is how well the child(ren) will do in school. Will they get used to the place? Will they find new friends easily?

I’m not a child psychologist so the observations I am about to make is solely just based on observing other children as well as having children of my own.

In general, I think children are very resilient. Far more resilient than what we give them credit for. Many times, I think parents over-think things, creating false fears in their minds. I think children make friends easier than adults because they do not carry all that baggage with them. They are pure. When they are happy, they show it. When they are sad, they show it too. It’s us adults over-thinking most of the time.

Most of the time, my child is just as happy where he is at, as long as he is with us. It didn’t matter to him if i was a 3-bedroom 1,500 sqft house where things and people crammed into spaces, or 3 people in a 4,000 sqft home with media and gamerooms and a few extra unused bedrooms. Sometimes, even in a hospital bedroom with 4 walls just suffice!!!



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