Irrigation check up anyone?

by Mike Yeo on August 20, 2010

Yes, you read it right. Irrigation check up anyone? Just like your health or your car maintenance,  your lawn irrigation also needs to have check ups. We usually set our sprinkler on an automatic setting to run on the days we are allow to water our lawn and forget about it. Well, you might want to rethink that approach.

Every season, homeowner should check and test their irrigation system. Check to make sure that the sprinkler are running, each zone is covering the correct area, no run offs, and the timer is running correctly. In this day and age, every homeowner wants to be responsible and be wise in utilizing  water. If you have your system running at the optimum performance, you will be using less water and saving some bucks.

Having your irrigation check up is the best thing you can do to help be eco friendly and save some bucks. Even better when the irrigation check up is FREE! YES, free! The City of Frisco has a FREE IRRIGATION CHECK UPS program that the residents should utilize. You will learn more than you ever imagine about your sprinkler.

Water Wise The check ups will include a specialist visiting your home and guide you through your sprinkler system operation and evaluate its water-use efficiency. You’ll learn how to find and repair minor broken or misaligned sprinkler heads, make scheduling adjustments to your controller, and increase your water-use efficiency outdoors.

A free check-up usually lasts 30-minutes to an hour. To schedule a free appointment check ups, call the city at 972-292-5844.

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