I want to find something NICE in Frisco TX

by Mike Yeo on September 22, 2013

I want to find something NICE in Frisco TX

We served people from all over the country and some from overseas. The one common thing that we always hear from our client who were moving to Frisco TX is that “I want to find something NICE for my budget”

NICE is a very subjective thing. Nice to you may not be nice to another person. Nice in Cape Cod may not be nice in Chicago. Nice in Calgary, Canada may not be nice to someone in Dallas.

If you have not lived in the area you are moving to, there are some things that you can do to help set your criteria or define what you NICE is.

  1. Plan a trip to the city you are planning to relocated to. Plan a weekend trip. If you can, make it a family short vacation trip. When you are there, drive around the city you plan to move to. 
  2. Don’t just limit yourself to the city you have in mind unless you are familiar with the city. Otherwise, drive to the neighboring cities and see what it is like.
  3. Before you plan your trip, find a local Realtor that live and work in the city you are interested. Plan to meet with the Realtor. Ask the Realtor to show you some houses in your price range.
  4. Take notes of the houses in the city. A good Realtor who knows the city well, should be able to tell you all about the houses in the city and what you should expect for your budget range.
  5. Ask the Realtor about the city. What does the city provide in terms of amenities, shopping, entertainment….etc. What does it have for your family’s leisure time.

A NICE house is just part of an equation of a home for your family. You need to look at the big picture in order for find the NICE house for your family’s need.

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