How’s the Frisco TX housing market doing?

by Mike Yeo on February 10, 2012

Just recently, I was asked – How’s the Frisco TX housing market doing?

I felt it was a loaded question. As if someone was getting the shotgun loaded, ready to fire (not me!) Most people want to know the answer and most people have a perceived answer that the answer is going to be bad. But they ask anyways.

My answer was, “Well, it depends on whom you are asking. If you ask the seller who sold his home in 3 days, the market is rocking. But if you ask the seller who listed his home for 6-8 months with no showings, the seller will agree with the news media that the housing marketing in Frisco TX is doing horrible. The banks are giving their houses away and the sky is falling”. I said this with love. It is hard to read body language and tones when you only have access to words online.

I’m in the real estate market, people know what I do. I get this question asked far too often. It almost seem that people are looking for a real negative answer.

“I’m busier than I’ve ever been in my real estate career”.


Some agents closed out 2012 their “rocking” best year ever. These are seasoned agents, not rookies, not agents just entered their 2nd or 3rd year. Then, if you ask the same question to agents who have not sold anything in 6 months, “The market truly took a nose dive”.


Hence, “How’s the real estate market is doing?” is a very difficult question to answer. It’s like just striking a conversation – Oh, how’s the weather today?

If you are in the real estate market, or considering buying or selling a home in Frisco TX in the near future, talk to a Frisco TX Realtor® for more specific, in-depth discussion.


Note: No specific market stats with this informal real estate pulse. Stay tune for a comprehensive market report and digest the Frisco TX 2011 Real Estate Market Homes Report when published.

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