How about some berry picking at Bailey’s Blueberry Patch

by Mike Yeo on August 12, 2010

 Are you looking for some friendly and fun activities for the family and children? Bailey’s Blue Berry Farm is located in a small town called Sadler half way between Gainesville and Sherman, and 12 miles south of the Oklahoma border. It is approximately 50 miles north of Frisco, Texas or 75 miles north of the Dallas metroplex. It is a fun-filled day for both young and old. This Berry Patch consists of six-acres of blueberry and three-acres of blackberry plantations.

 Visitors to the farm can pick their own berries in the white gallon buckets provided by the Bailey’s. It costs about $14 per gallon and if you have shop for blackberries and blueberries at the local grocery story, you would know that at this price, it is a steal.

Many people spend an entire day here. They stop to picnic under the trees and enjoy sitting by the lake for a short rest. There are also fish food available for the kids to feed cat fish in the pond. Do plan to come out here as early as possible as the summer gets hotter. Bailey’s Berry Patch is owned by Ann and Pearce Bailey. They purchased this parcel of real estate in 1996. It is officially opened in 1999. As you can tell from my pictures, I had a great time with my family and I think you would too.

Click here for Bailey’s Blueberry Patch website

905 Crawford Road
Sadler, Tx 76264
(903) 564-6228

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