Title Companies expected to perform in 15 seconds

by Loreena Yeo on September 29, 2010

I just went through 2 high-pressure, high-tension closings this week and after a long day, I found myself falling asleep in the chair, just completely wiped and exhausted from the physical, but mostly emotional toll of high-stress jobs, we call – Closing the transaction.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s enough money anyone could pay me to go through what I had to go through this week, I thought to myself, it better be darn worth it and it was.

Closing dates keep being pushed back, extended because of various parts of the equation. Then suddenly, in the last hour, the gears start coming together and we are at the last hurdle now waiting for instructions from the lender.

Drawing documents should not be like pulling teeth, but in some transactions, it is. Then, upon review after review, Title Companies receive instructions and revisions from that, they are expected to turn it back around in 15 seconds. This is totally unacceptable and no one should be expected to perform miracles in these short time frames. We, in the industry dont give enough time for Title Companies to do the things they need to do in all fairness, giving them enough time.

Before you know it, phone calls start flying. Agents, clients and lenders start wanting their stuff DONE. My goodness, there’s only a pair or two pairs of hands working to pull the last minute, important stuff together. But it has to be done RIGHT. Otherwise, the impact of it can turn out horrible.

Better yet, before you know it, clients start hanging out in the lobbies of these title companies, eager and ready to sign but they do not understand the significance and importance of an APPROVED HUD-1.

Gosh. I pray I dont go through this often. Thank God, most of my transactions are very smooth. But I do pray mercy over these Title Companies who are at the end of the short stick. God watch over these people who tries to pull everything together. Give them strength to do what they do everyday because I know I doubt I could take such high pressure at the end of the month every single month.

To all that, I want to thank my team of Girl Power at Hexter Fair Frisco. They always make me look good but at the back end, I know they went through hell and back for my clients and I. I’m not sure what’s I do without them.

Case in point, in one of my closings – The most important thing is that my clients know how Gay got all this together at the last minute for us (all the things we needed to jump through). If it wasn’t for Gay, we wouldn’t be closed the minute we walked out of closing. Now that’s unheard of!

Thanks Janeil, Gay, Brooke and Kristi!

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