Frisco TX welcomes rain, Stage 3 Water Restriction Still Applies

by Mike Yeo on March 24, 2012

The weather for the last week and few days have been RAIN and more RAIN. Here in Frisco TX, we celebrate any rain we can get especially getting ready for the summer.

Frisco TX entered the Stage 3 water restriction since last November 2011, just like all cities surrounding it. The summer drought last year really took a toll on all the lakes and our water supply.

Although we have been getting rain recently and anticipating more rain for the next few days, Stage 3 watering rules still apply:

  • Water landscapes and yard only on trash day.
  • Water only with hoses and hand-held devices.
  • Watering around the foundation for up to 2-hours a day.
  • Washing vehicles using hand-held hoses.

The City of Frisco encourages for its residents to turn off sprinkler systems. “Now is the time to save some money on water bill, as well as helping conserve our previous water”. The lakes and reservoirs are at its all-time low.

Penalties and fines can be high for those who do not comply. The first fine is a result of sprinkler shut-off and $25 and the second fine goes up to $250.

Whenever you have a power surge in your home, do check to see if the sprinkler system reset itself. Otherwise, you will be unpleasantly surprised when the Utility personnel from the City pays your home a visit.


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