“Friendly Pets” May Not Be Friendly in Real Estate transaction

by Mike Yeo on August 31, 2010

There are some things that when house is on the market, the seller over look the most basis thing in the house. Few weekend ago, I was out showing some properties with my client whose criteria is that it MUST have a POOL. Great and no problem. We have plenty of inventories here in Frisco TX to select from.

Maxwell Valentine - Basset HoundI am a huge fan of BIG DOGS, in fact my first born is a DOG, Maxwell Valentine – a 70lbs 2 feet off the ground Basset Hound, I do not think that pets should be left at homes during showings.

Our lovely pets can be a distraction to the showings while your goal is to sell your home. They take concentration away from the buyers. You want your potential buyer to focused on the house, the floor plan, the walls, the floors and the rooms not your sweet looking pets.

Keep them away when you can. Or at least put them in crates if you can’t remove them from your home.

Some pets are “licking” hazards. The “weirdest” showing instruction I’ve received – The dog is friendly and may lick you to death are not WELCOMING notes for my buyers and I. Surely, the listing agent can’t be serious. It may be catchy but it’s not funny at all.

During our house hunting showing, we had a close encountered, in fact it was way too close. The home had a friendly Husky-mixed dog that came to graciously greet us at the door. He is probably about 70 lbs. My clients consist of the adults and 2 children aged 8 and 10 of years. The dog can’t help but to give us lots of attention, hugs and licks. That took about 10 minutes of our tour. The dog was jumping on us to say greet and say “Hi”…..

He followed us to the backyard where the pool is through his doggie door. The dog (still feeling excited about our presence) almost pushed my 8-year old client’s son into the pool. While this is not a young toddler where you carry up and away from pets in home tours, this lesson taught me to never let animals follow us during home tours.

It was such a close call. Too close for comfort. What is the lesson learned here?

Frisco TX home sellers should really consider keeping animals away during showings. Friendly pets included.


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“Friendly Pets” Not Really Needed For Welcoming Buyers

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