Don’t forget your to adjust your CLOCK!

by Mike Yeo on November 2, 2011

With the weather changing this time of the year, we can all enjoy the outdoor, the cooler breeze and enjoy the savings on our utilities bills. Don’t forget to change your clock comes November 6, 2011 on Sunday at 2 A.M. Most people do this before they go to bed.

Here are a few things to do when you think of having to fall back on the time:

1. Change out the batteries on your smoke detectors. Do this now and again when your spring forward next year.

2. Change out your A/C filters. Do this to start the habit of changing your filter ever 3 months if you have not.

3. Change the filter on your kitchen vents.

4. Clean the dryer vents.

5. Check your weather stripping around the door. Replace or adjust if needed.

6. Service your furnace if you have not done it in preparation for the winter.

These are some of the maintenance you can have done to prolong or save you money before it gets expensive. Use this time as a reminder to do maintenance around the house.

Remember to FALL BACK 1 HOUR BEFORE YOU GO TO BED on NOVEMBER 6th or you will be early to any event the next day.

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