City of Frisco Red Light Camera

by admin on March 28, 2011

The City of Frisco have three red light cameras that became operational on February 25, 2011. During this time, warnings were issued to red light runners as part of the Frisco Police Department’s gradual introduction of the new systems.

The number of red light runners shows the dangers pose to other commuters within the city. With the new red light system, it the the hope that commuters will be more aware when the come to the cross road and not run any red lights.

Beginning March 28th, 2011 citations will be issued to those who violated the red light. Since the system was operational in February until March 25th, 2011, there has been 472 warnings issued to red light runners.

The three rel light cameras are located at:

  • Southbound Preston Rd and Gaylord Parkway
  • Northbound Preston Rd and Lebanon Rd
  • Southbound Preston Rd and Lebanon Rd

Please be careful when approaching cross road where the lights turn from green to yellow and be prepare to stop. Make our city a safe city to live in for everyone.

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