Can you show me some houses this weekend?

by Loreena Yeo on July 2, 2012

Frisco TX Home Buying Frequently Asked Question:

I’m in Frisco TX this weekend and I’d like to see some Frisco TX homes. Can you show them to me?

I get asked this question ALOT as a Frisco TX Realtor®. More so on holiday weekends. Most of these are out-of-town folks (not living in Frisco TX).

With ALOT of RESPECT I answer this frequently asked question, and last-minute Frisco TX home buyers may not like it at all.


Most good Frisco TX Realtors® work by appointments. It is not that we do not want to show you homes, but our days and weekends are scheduled in advanced. There are only so many “showable” hours in the day/ weekends, many times – our availability are taken by current clients with standing appointments. We can make some adjustments, but no one liked to be surprised at the last minute. So, the sooner you know you are going to make it here to Frisco, the better your time to visit and see some Frisco TX homes would be.


Buying a home in Frisco TX should be a well-thought out process. It is certainly not something you decide to do suddenly. If you are spending your money on (probably) your largest asset, why wouldn’t you go through the proper steps to ensure success?

Get pre-qualified with an experienced lender. It would be time wasted if you look online for homes not in your qualified price range. Here in Frisco TX, there is a difference between a $200K house, with $225K and even at $250K. And don’t worry, here at 3:16 team REALTY, we will never upsell you or ask you to spend more than your comfort level. But it is certainly information we need to know prior to helping you buy a home in Frisco TX.

Also, credit report has been known to have errors. The sooner you know about it, the more time you have to correct your credit report. We never want to work last-minute on something this important.

Hence, knowing the correct price point for which you should be looking helps you, the Frisco TX home buyer to create a positive home buying experience in Frisco TX.


As much as sellers want to sell their Frisco TX home, they must grant access for Frisco TX Realtors® to show. Perhaps the seller has a dog that needs to be put up, or that day, the seller’s child is sick at home and not able to show. Perhaps they invited their family over for BBQ to celebrate an anniversary and can’t show the home that evening. But with ample notice, arrangements can be made – if they just have some advanced information.

Frisco TX home sellers go through the trouble of preparing their home so it gives you, the Frisco TX home buyer a positive home buying experience. It is like going on a first date. Don’t you want to create the best first impression? Give them the opportunity to do that for you. So, last minute drop in visits are very difficult for everyone involved.


If you are unsure about the Frisco TX area, call us – 3:16 team REALTY. We live, work and play in the area for over 12 years. We can share lots of experiences with you about living in the best northern suburbs of Dallas TX. We consider ourselves unofficial ambassadors of Frisco TX, but we do ask that you give us some time about your upcoming visit so that it becomes very productive for you while you are here.

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If you are not ready to call but would like to check out Frisco TX homes online,

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