Buying your First Home in Frisco TX? What should you consider?

by Mike Yeo on February 17, 2012

If you are planning on buying your first home in Frisco TX, there lots of consideration from your budget, location, needs, size, life style and more. On this post, let’s look at consideration based on your needs. Everyone has different needs. When you are thinking about buying your first home, you can be very excited and may over look some things.

Consider this:

– Do you entertain a lot? If you do, you might want to consider a floor plan that has good flow where people can move around and not be in a one way traffic.

– Do you eat out or cook a lot? If you cook more at home, look at the kitchen layout to see if it fits you. Is there enough counter space, or cabinet space?

– Do you have kids or plan to have more? Consider the square footage that you may need if you are considering of having more kids?

– Do you have any special needs such as wheel chair access? If you do, pay attention to hallways, and door size to rooms.

– Do you have family members who come and stay during the year? If you have aging parents who comes to stay for extended time, or live with you, you may want to look for an extra bedroom and full bath on the 1st floor.

– How old are your kids now and how long are you planning to be in the home? If you have kids that are going into teens, chances are you will have sleep over, parties, all sorts of crazy teen activities, you might want to consider to have a place for them to hang out like a media or game room.

– Do you enjoy the outdoor? If you do, consider yard size if you want swing set or pool,  back yard view, patio size if you want to have a built in cooking area.

– Are you a movie buff? If you are, chances are you will need a nice area to watch movie like a media room. Consider also pre wiring for the equipment.

Your needs will determine what kind of house to look for. It is worthwhile to plan for your future need that you know of. If you can afford to buy something that will accommodate the family needs for the next few years will save you hassle of having to move again.

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Joseph March 20, 2012 at 2:37 pm

True. There are also so many areas of Frisco to choose from. I started by renting on the East side and then purchased the same. My next home will likely be on the West side of town but Frisco Square is mighty appealing. Living in one of the town homes which is so close to all the action looks like a great plan.


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