Arm yourself when you go house hunting.

by Mike Yeo on September 6, 2012

You have made up your mind about buying a house. You got your pre-approval. You selected a realtor to work with and you are READY! The day is here for you to go out and shop.  If you have not been through this process, it can be tiring and overwhelming.

Depending on your ability, most people does not have a photographic memory. We won’t be able to remember all the details of the houses you and your realtor will be looking at. At about house #5 all of them will run together. Which was the one that have this or that?


So, what do you do when you go house hunting?  Here are some tips when you go house hunting

1. Bring a digital camera. These day majority people have a digital camera. Make sure to charge it, have enough space to take pictures. You can use your cell phone to take photos but that would not be as great as a good digital camera.

2. When you arrive at a property. Take the picutre of the house number first then take a pictture of the  of front of the house.  Then when you walk inside, you can take pictures as yoou like.


3. Take picture of areas that is important like the kitchen, living area,, master bedroom and mmaster bathroom, master closet. Don’t be trigger happy snapping everything in the house. Garage or secondary bedroom are pretty standard.


4.When you take a picture to show the size of a room use something as a baseline. Ask your ffrined, kids, husband, wife, realtor to stand in the picture. You can use them to gauge how bbig the room is or how wide the hallway is.

5. ONLY take pictures of the house that have potential. You will see a lot of houses, some may not work, some could, some definately will. Only take pictures of the one that you definnately know you like. Otherwise, you will have way too many pictures to look at or mayy not have enough space to store other pictures.

With pictures, it should help you to remember how one house is from another. You have thee technology, use it to your advantage.

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