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Welcome to Frisco-Texas-Homes.com Real Estate Information site

There is no need to talk about how proficient in real estate we think we are. We love for our past clients speak on our behalf. Find out what they said on our satisfied Client Testimonials.

Here are some practical examples of what you can expect when working with 3:16 team REALTY and Frisco-Texas-Homes.com – devoted to becoming your real estate resource in the greater Frisco TX homes for sale. The real estate experience and expertise in the business include:

  • New Home Construction
  • Seller Representation
  • Buyer Representation
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Relocation Buyers
  • Foreclosure Representation
  • Pre-foreclosures and Short Sales
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Negotiation
  • Multiple Offer Situations
  • Proficient in Understanding Real Estate Contracts
  • Bulletproof Transactions

Learn more about Loreena Yeo – Founder and Broker of 3:16 team REALTY

Loreena Yeo - Frisco TX Realtor
We are extremely grateful to have serve a large number of clients with different priorities and different needs. Learn how each individual objectives are met with satisfied client testimonials. This gives you the insights to know when Loreena Yeo & 3:16 team REALTY is the right match.
NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION – Many greater Frisco TX NEW home buyers do not feel that it is necessary to work with a Realtor® when buying new home construction. There are more benefits to consider when you work with a Realtor® that is proficient in new builds. Setting realistic expectations and providing input during the design and planning phase can help you build a better value with higher-resale possibilities are just some of the advantages in seeking new home construction representation. Consider this: It is assisting you in ensuring the home building process go smoothly and having someone on “your side”. Since the Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Prosper and Celina TX home markets are booming with new home construction, you might consider working with a Realtor® who can differentiate that this process is entirely a different beast of the residential real estate. Also, with the builders facing the down turn of the economy (and some up to foreclosures and bankruptcies), it is important to have a seasoned agent to walk you through this emotional process.

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NEGOTIATION – Negotiation may seem like a normal day-to-day activity in the real estate business. However, our experience from a different culture have taught us to negotiate with better skills, hence helping our clients set their expectations to negotiating in real estate. We are a rare breed. One who understands the emotional and physiological effects of negotiations. Win-win is what we always strive for. We negotiate to the best of our ability based on all the information we can gather and more importantly, we negotiate fair and would never deceive the other party in order to win.

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MULTIPLE OFFER SITUATIONS – Yes, it still happens in this Buyer’s market here in the greater Frisco TX homes market. You need a seasoned Realtor® who is not afraid to go beyond the “regular” presentation of offers, one who will work very hard to help you win your contracts. Experienced in both buying and selling for multiple offer situations. Each of these representations are different; different in the delivery and different in the execution. Both are clearly different.

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SELLER REPRESENTATION – To date, we have solid proven track record for ALL the listings we sell. Our best selling track record include 1-day on the market, 10 days on the market to many of them between 2-3 weeks despite what the media said the real estate market is doing. To further clarify, our seller clients did not feel that they gave their house away. With the credit crunch like we face today, a seasoned Realtor® who is also very well-versed about the mortgage side of the transaction is key to correctly picking out and/or interviewing the right buyer. It is your best interest to keep this sale transaction as full-proof as possible. This is where we come in: Our exclusive Systematic Market Approach that most Realtors® do not use. This purposefully home marketing plan WILL send you on your way to the closing table.

A short summary of our successes (For more details, contact us directly):

4403 Durango Dr, McKinney TX 75070
(Seville of the Highlands)
Placed on the market on Friday, received a full price offer on Saturday afternoon – to the first buyer!

11914 Jereme Trail, Frisco TX 75035
(Plantation Resort)
$900 short of full price offer.

1104 Ainsworth Dr, Anna TX 75409
(West Crossings)
Over full price offer for a community that new home builder are still constructing.

4177 Republic Dr, Frisco TX 75035
(Heritage Lakes)
The 1st 3-bedroom property to sell in a typical 4-bedroom community.

8906 Bretshire Dr, Dallas TX 75228 (East Dallas)3rd and final Realtor® on the job.
Reserved for your home

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BUYER REPRESENTATION – Understanding what you want and where to look is key to saving you time, energy and money when buying real estate. I primarily work in the Frisco, Dallas, Richardson, McKinney, Allen, Prosper, Celina, Little Elm, The Colony (the northern suburbs of the greater Dallas metroplex) although our real estate experiences also include Flower Mound, Coppell, Irving, Las Colinas, Valley Ranch, Dallas M-Streets, Dallas White Rock Lake, Arlington, etc.

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For access to ALL available homes for sale in the greater Frisco TX real estate market, please visit my website. Or better yet, set up a no-obligation home search alert. When properties fit your criteria, you will receive an email alert with full property information. Create your Sign-In now.

-We served many first time home buyers in the greater Frisco TX home markets. Many of them need a clear understanding as to what they are doing and what to expect in home ownership. Depending on how much each client understands about the home buying process and the responsibilities of homeownership, each client is counseled uniquely to his/her situation.

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RELOCATION BUYERS – The greater Frisco TX home communities and its surrounding areas remain one of the best valued places to live in the country. In addition, the standard of living is very affordable and in line with inflation. Frisco-tx-homes.com and 3:16 team REALTY serve many relocation clients from the East, West and other large metropolitan cities around the country. Real estate expectations (what you can get for your money) are not the same. Relocation buyers have very different informational needs. Also, they might need to make a decision quickly. Hence, working with a skilled and specific market knowledgeable Realtor® can save you time.

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Greater Frisco FORECLOSURE & SHORT SALES – We serve a large number of buyer representations for foreclosures and short sales properties in this area. Though this process is very similar to a “regular” buying process, it is not entirely the same. There are many more documents and paperwork to sign thus this process can be confusing to a home buyer who has not have too many experiences dealing with  these foreclosures and short sale transactions. Expectations must clearly be met so that buyers thoroughly understand the challenges they may encounter. There are good deals to be found in these transactions but along with them come a new set of home buying process.

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PROFICIENT IN UNDERSTANDING REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS – It is important to work with a Realtor® who knows the “ins” and “outs” of a real estate contract. Although Realtors® do not participate in providing legal advice to their clients, a Realtor® must be proficient in the real estate contracts. Frisco-tx-homes.com and 3:16 team REALTY align with experienced real estate attorneys and other real estate brokers that will be able to assist when necessary. Proficiency is a honed skill that not every Realtor® possess. It takes time, years of training and experience plus education to achieve.

BULLETPROOF TRANSACTIONS – The honest truth is that there are no bullet proof transactions these days. But what you can do is to do your due-diligence in best protect your transaction. Once you have an executed contract to purchase or sell (depending on which side you are on), there are many parts to the puzzle before you close. This is where a seasoned Realtor®’s experience, systems, checks and balances are worth. When you interview an agent, ask to see the systems, checklists and organization come in adequately in handling the closing process. Your “Bulletproofing” your transaction is by selecting a Realtor® who is ready to close on the property from Day Zero.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS – If you purchase real estate investments as a diversified investment to your portfolio, Frisco-tx-homes.com and 3:16 team REALTY can extend the expertise to you by tap into our real “investor” knowledge. We understand the concept of minimizing risks while maximizing profits. As much as we can identify a real estate investment is profitable or not, we will also guide you through the process of “readiness” for real estate investments. Tap into our very own network of honest contractors and other service providers that earned themselves a position as a valuable resource in the investor community.

3:16 team REALTY is founded on the basic principle of putting God first in everything we do, real estate included! We attribute our success to the high value we place on personal character, which influences every aspect of our real estate business. Not only do we work within the boundaries required by the National Realtor Association, but above and far beyond the expectations of the world.
As 3:16 team REALTY continues to grow, so does our commitment to provide a high level of service to our clients. While we have evolved in many ways, the most important contribution to our success comes down to a good, old-fashioned principle: whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them.


We are truly committed to being the best in the real estate industry. Hence, it is our goal to be the best real estate resource for you in the greater Frisco TX area. We continuously update this site with valuable information for you. We work with the industry’s top-notch service providers who are also committed to a higher standard of service to ensure that our clients get the value they expect and deserve. Frisco-tx-homes.com and 3:16 team REALTY hope that you will find our website resourceful, even if you are not able to use our services at this time.

What Does 3:16 mean?

We get asked alot about our 3:16 name. Most people who knows the Bible think that it meant John 3:16 which said, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son so that anyone who believes will not perish but have eternal life”.

However, 3:16 in 3:16 team REALTY actually is based out of 1 John 3:16, “For we now know what Christ has done for us, we must do for one another”.

We would enjoy your feedback or comments on this site. We know that there are always room for improvement, so please send us an email with your suggestions.
Find out more about the person behind the website (Frisco-tx-homes.com) and the company (3:16 team REALTY).

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