Don’t forget to File for your Frisco TX Homestead

by admin on January 15, 2014

If you own or purchase a Frisco TX home or a home in Texas this past year, you can file for Homestead Exemption now, assuming you are in the house on January 1st. Your Frisco TX home must your primary residence. You or your spouse cannot call another property (anywhere in Texas or United States) as primary residence.

You have from January 1st to April 30th to file for the Homestead exemptions.

Frisco TX homeowners pay lower property taxes (school tax) when the Frisco TX home is deemed a primary residence.


If you live in Collin County, Frisco TX – download your Homestead Exemption form here.

If you live in Denton County, Frisco TX – download your Homestead Exemption form here.

** If you and your spouse own the property as your primary residence, you both own it 100% OWNERSHIP (A question on the form).

Along with the Homestead Exemption form, you must include (BOTH) the following:

  • Texas Driver License or Texas State ID Card
    • The address on your driver license or state ID card MUST match the physical address of the residence for which you are applying.


ALL 3:16 team REALTY’s clients who purchase a primary residence in this past year will receive a filled-out Homestead Exemption form in the mail by the 2nd week in January. Just sign the Homestead form and include the supporting documentation (above) and drop it off in the mail with the self-addressed envelope included with this package. After a few weeks, we will check with the County Appraisal District website to make sure the Homestead is filed correctly.


Once you have filed for your Frisco TX homestead exemption, you are good until you move out. This Homestead exemption status lasts until you leave the property.

Note: There is NO FEES associated with filing for Homestead. There are many scams around to ask you to pay for a fee. The envelopes and letters may look official, as if it came from the Appraisal District. Many times, homeowners mail the check in but Homestead was never filed. Beware of the scam.



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