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by Loreena Yeo on October 24, 2010

When my client told me about what a great swim school Emler was, I was a little skeptical. How could a 12-month old infant learn to swim so well and in a year, she could swim like a fish? When it was time, I took my son to enroll Emler Best Swim School in Frisco TXat Emler Swim School, which had just opened up in Frisco TX in May 2010.

My client was right. Emler Swim School is indeed very good, if not the best for children’s swim lessons.

They have some of the best swim instructors who know how to communicate with young children and a deck manager who constantly walks around the pool deck to monitor, observe and make recommendations to swim instructors on how to teach these children better.

My son started his first swim lesson during the Summer 2010. The first few lessons were dedicated to let him feel comfortable and confident in the water. By mid-semester, my son was swimming past 8 feet and holding his breadth under water for over 10 seconds.

Mind you, this is a child whose bath time always involved screaming because he didn’t like his hair and face wet.

With the significant improvement my son made, he skipped 2 “grade levels” and is now enrolled in the Super Aquatots class – headed to swim over 15 feet (by the end of the semester). In just the 2nd lesson of this new semester, my son is floating in the water all by himself.

As a parent, I am truly happy to see my son’s swim progress. I grew up with asthma and has always been afraid that my son would walk my history too. Swimming helped cure me of asthma because it made my lungs stronger. So, I want to make sure my son has strong lungs too. Plus, the amount of fun he has, it’s just hard to say No to.

Here in Frisco TX, there are some options for letting children learn to swim at a young age. Emler Swim School is indeed a highly experienced school with low student to teacher ratio. 4 kids (max) to 1 instructor or 2 instructors depending on the kid’s levels. If you are considering letting your child learn to swim, consider Emler Swim School. As part of the Emler Swim Program, the school constantly stresses water safety. In every class, kids practice jumping in the pool, turning and heading back to the edge, and get themselves out of the water unassisted.

Emler Swim School is located at the same shopping center at Aldi’s, south west corner of Preston Road and Stonebrook Parkway.

Frisco TX Emler Swim School

7151 Preston Road Frisco, TX 75034-5850 (469) 234-7946

Check out the available Swim Programs at Frisco TX’s Emler Swim School.

Watch a short version of how the Children’s Swim Lesson is conducted:
(Short because it’s 30 minute lesson, video shot into less than 8 minutes)


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Best Swim School in Frisco TX for Kids – Emler Swim School

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